Wakacje z dziecmi w Dubaju..


Wakacje z dziecmi w Dubaju... Bylo super polecam wszystkim. Dzieciaki zachwycone...

Pałace kipiące złotem / P


Pałace kipiące złotem / Palaces overflowing with gold... . ______________________________ . . Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi was built as a royal residence and a luxury hotel. This 10 floor beach resort in the middle of Abu Dhabi city stuns its visitors with the sheer scale of the building and the oppulance inside. . No matter where you look, you will find 22K gold leaf, on the walls a... Zobacz więcej

Prywatna chwila / Private mo


Prywatna chwila / Private moment... . . _________________________________ . . A lot has been written about what you can and can't do in Dubai. One of the main points that almost all guidebooks write is that men and women can't hold hands, hug or show affection. . . This is not true. Holding hands and hugging is perfectly normal and everyone does it, including the locals. Kissing shouldnt be d... Zobacz więcej

Nie kupuj kota w worku! / Do


Nie kupuj kota w worku! / Don't buy a cat in a bag! . . _________________________________ . . The Dubai Old Souq is filled with all kinds of knick-knacks, spices, sweets, trinkets, apparel and pretty much everything between heaven and earth. But one should always remember the famous phrase : "Caveat emptor, buyer beware". . . If something seems too expensive, it probably is. The price differe... Zobacz więcej

Złote metale / Golden metal


Złote metale / Golden metals... . . _____________________________ . . Seeing a sportscar in Dubai is a common sight. With sunshine almost 365 days a year, great wide open roads and incredible views , no wonder it is the supercar capital of the world. . . _____________________________ . . #dubai24 #dubaj24 #emiraty24 #emiraty #dubai #mydubai #visitdubai #ig_dubai #fantastic_dubai #dubaipage #... Zobacz więcej

Kiedy dzień się kończy /


Kiedy dzień się kończy / When the day ends... . . __________________________ . . A look at the Dubai Internet City freezone, with Dubai Marina and the Dubai Eye in the background. . Incredible to think that 20 years ago this place was completely empty bar 10-15 buildings, a few roads and nothing else. . Now, over 150.000 people live and work in the buildings in this picture . ____________... Zobacz więcej

Miasto w chmurach / City in


Miasto w chmurach / City in the clouds... . _________________________________ . . Every year , the colder air at night and the high humidity give us these views. The thick fog covering Dubai like a snowy blanket. This phenomenon usually happens during the winter months as the nights get cooler. And Dubai has more foggy days than rainy days per year. . . Follow for more pictures ... Zobacz więcej

Blokowisko / Urban jungle...


Blokowisko / Urban jungle... . . _____________________________ . The Dubai Marina development is one of the biggest areas of Dubai, completely built from nothing in 20 years time. . It's mainly a reaidential area with many smaller marinas. This view will soon look differently as master developer Emaar is building a new island with the Emaar Harbour development. . The picture was taken from P... Zobacz więcej

Dwie epoki na jednym zdjęci


Dwie epoki na jednym zdjęciu / Two timeperiods in one picture... . ________________________________ . . The Qasr al Hosn (The Palace Fortress) is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, with the oldest watchtower dating back to 1761 when Sheikh Diyab Bin Issa ordered its construction to protect the precious water source on Abu Dhabi island. . Recently renovated and now again open to the public, i... Zobacz więcej

Jak wieżowce nudzą można


Jak wieżowce nudzą można zawsze cofnąć czas / When the skyscrapers get boring, you can always turn back the time... . ___________________________ . The natural Dubai Creek is the main artery of the oldest part of Dubai. Abra boats carry people across for only 1 dirham per person. The set legal limit now is maximum 20 people per boat, but in the 90's it was normal to see an Abra with up t... Zobacz więcej


od75 USD
polecany hotel

Pustynne Safari 4x4 Dubaj

od250 USD
polecany hotel

Rejs motorówką na Palm Jumeirah - 10 os w cenie



od120 USD
polecany hotel

Grand Excelsior Hotel

od80 USD
polecany hotel

Centro Yas Island Rotana Abu Dhabi


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