Dwie epoki na jednym zdjęci


Dwie epoki na jednym zdjęciu / Two timeperiods in one picture... . ________________________________ . . The Qasr al Hosn (The Palace Fortress) is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, with the oldest watchtower dating back to 1761 when Sheikh Diyab Bin Issa ordered its construction to protect the precious water source on Abu Dhabi island. . Recently renovated and now again open to the public, i... Zobacz więcej

Jak wieżowce nudzą można


Jak wieżowce nudzą można zawsze cofnąć czas / When the skyscrapers get boring, you can always turn back the time... . ___________________________ . The natural Dubai Creek is the main artery of the oldest part of Dubai. Abra boats carry people across for only 1 dirham per person. The set legal limit now is maximum 20 people per boat, but in the 90's it was normal to see an Abra with up t... Zobacz więcej

Już fajna pogoda, czas na p


Już fajna pogoda, czas na plaże / Nice weather is here, time to hit the beach... . . ________________________________ . . The Burj Al Arab is one of the icons of Dubai, and welcomes tourists to the city for the last 19 years. Standing 321 meters tall on an artificial island in the Gulf, the once tallest hotel in the world is now the 4th tallest hotel in the world (the 3 taller ones are also ... Zobacz więcej

Złota muszla i szklane ści


Złota muszla i szklane ściany... . ____________________________ . . The Dubai metro is the longest fully automatic metro in the world, with 75km of driverless trains. All trains are divided in 3 classes : Regular(or silver) , Gold class and Family and women's section (where men are not allowed). . All stations have a distinctive gold shell station except for two stations in the old part of ... Zobacz więcej

Pionowe cienie/ Vertical Sha


Pionowe cienie/ Vertical Shadows... . ______________________________ . The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi blends various middle eastern and muslim architectural styles seamlessly. . There are over 1000 Andalusian columns in the mosque, encrusted in a Mughal style with mother of pearl and pedra do sabão stones , and not two are the same... . . _________________________________ . #duba... Zobacz więcej

Jak miasto sie znudzi / When


Jak miasto sie znudzi / When the city gets boring... _______________________________ Desert Safari 75USD sharing, 66USD private! . . . Enjoy the beautiful Dubai desert , battle the 30m tall sanddunes with our experienced and amazing drivers, go on a camel ride, take great pictures of the sunset in the desert, make henna tatoos , watch belly dance and tanoura show as you eat a BBQ dinner unde... Zobacz więcej

Big Ben 2.0


Big Ben 2.0 . . The Al Yakoub Tower on Sheikh Zayed road bears a striking resemblance to the famous Elizabeth Tower (famously known as Big Ben) in London. But the Dubai version is slightly taller. The London version is 96m tall, Dubai version is 328m tall... _______________________________ #dubai24 #dubaj24 #emiraty24 #emiraty #dubai #mydubai #visitdubai #ig_dubai #fantastic_dubai #dubaipag... Zobacz więcej

Jasne swiatła, duże miasto


Jasne swiatła, duże miasto / Bright lights, big city... _____________________________ No matter where you are in Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa can be seen soaring over any other skyscraper in the area. With its massive 828m, it dwarfs even 300m and 400m tall buildings. #dubai24 #dubaj24 #emiraty24 #emiraty #dubai #MyDubai #visitdubai #ig_dubai #fantastic_dubai #dubaipage #picsdubai #a... Zobacz więcej

Widoki przed skokiem / The v


Widoki przed skokiem / The views before the jump... ____________________________ The Tallest Block in the setting sunlight, taken from Skydive Dubai. This is what you see as the plane takes off to give you an unforgettable experience of SkyDiving over Palm Jumeirah. #dubai24 #dubaj24 #emiraty24 #emiraty #dubai #mydubailife #visitdubai #ig_dubai #fantastic_dubai #dubaipage #picsdubai #amazing... Zobacz więcej

Mój Starbucks jest ładniej


Mój Starbucks jest ładniejszy niż twój... / My Starbucks is prettier than yours... ________________________________ . . This Starbucks Coffee Shop is located inside Iran court in Ibn Battuta Mall. The Mall is divided into 6 different sections displaying architecture and art from 6 regions visited by the 15th century explorer Ibn Battuta. The sections are China, India, Iran, Egypt, Andalus... Zobacz więcej


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